Sean T Wright has written and recorded over 1200 songs since 1976. He has worked with platinum selling artists such as Kim Fowley and Najam Sheraz, as well as successful lyricist David L Graham and Adamski’s brother, Mark Tinley (Duran Duran, Gary Numan, & Seal). He has played live to audiences worldwide of up to 18,000 (Trafalgar Sq, London, 2007), and has been seen around the globe on international TV by millions. He is the creator of the remarkable Album-A-Month Project (writing, recording and releasing 66 consecutive monthly albums between 2007-2012). His band International Heroes were written about (p 304-305) in Malc Macmillan’s Encyclopaedia Of NWOBHM as one of the heavy metal bands at that time (1979-1983) that “paved the way for a global heavy metal revolution in later years.” His songs have been broadcast in shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes around the world, as well as aired on National Radio and TV. They have also been placed with brands and institutions, including the BBC and Benetton, fashion agency Spreadhouse, film documentaries, corporations, and tourist board information promos. His songs have been played over 15 million times on youtube. The videos below were commissioned by the French Alps Tourist Board, encouraging families to the Alps, and by New Zealand's Cathedral Cove Kayak Tours. The promos feature Sean Wright's songs "Billy Ray's Circus Of Life" and "Soul Full Of Love."