Breaking Light, Paris, France 

Paris, France - 15" x 22"

I tried to capture in watercolour the early morning light on a wet day, shadows, extremes of contrast and wet into wet distance contrasting dry and stippled brush work on the trees. Paris is always bustling, and I wanted to capture that part of the atmosphere, too. 

Blue Light Kings Lynn Shrimpers 

Kings Lynn Shimpers, Norfolk, England

I used a limited palette for this large 15" x 22" inch loose watercolour painting of Kings Lynn Shrimpers, Norfolk. I wanted to capture the blue light and atmosphere of the shrimp boats that are on a knife's edge in terms of survival as going concerns. The hazy distance sharpens the focal point boats even more. A minimal palette of ultramarine blue, burnt umber, Neutral tint and raw sienna were used. 

Misty Woodland, Abingdon, Oxfordshire 

Woodland near Abingdon, Oxfordshire - 22" x 15"
I tried to capture the misty quality of the woods. I used a limited palette. Lots of wet into wet. Suggested foreground grasses and lots of diffusion with a water spray.

Atmosphere and Limited Palette, Charles Bridge, Prague 

Charles Bridge, Prague
The Charles Bridge, Prague, is an iconic location. The majority of the painting has been simplified to silhouettes. The palette was limited, too. I used a stippling effect for the foliage of the tree. The statues were painted with various mixes of Payne's Grey.

Blue Evening Light and Atmosphere at Kings Lynn Power Station 

Kings Lynn Power Station, Norfolk, England

Here's a painting completed in May 2015. It's a curious subject - Kings Lynn Power Station! I wanted to capture the blue light that sometimes illuminates it. I also strove for a very loose spontaneous painting - racing to get finished in under 30 minutes. I just made it in 29 mins! It was also a race against time, because the evening light was fading fast. To my eyes, this is a true impressionist painting... with impression, speed, atmosphere as a key aim.

Rainy Paris Street, France 

Paris Street, France - 22" x 15"
Greys everywhere in this rainy Paris day. I use the three primary colours to mix either warm or cool greys. The warm brown foreground tree creates depth. The red awning adds a splash of local colour. Notice the two focal point figures are counter-changed light against dark, and dark against light for maximum impact. The tree foliage was stippled.