Booking Fees

Watercolour demonstrations

My fee for a watercolour demonstration is £90 plus travelling expenses, and I keep this the same no matter what the exact length of the demonstration is. The normal length is around two hours, but up to half an hour either way is fine.

Watercolour workshops

Most workshops are a full day, although I can offer a half day option if required. The day runs from 10am until 4pm, but the timing can be changed to suit your needs. I suggest a break of half an hour or so for lunch.

My fee for a full day workshop is £180 plus travelling expenses, for up to 25 people in a group. I do not set a minimum number, but would suggest at least 6.

For a half day workshop, for example 9.30am until 1pm, my fee is two thirds of the full day cost.

Travelling expenses

I try to keep expenses to the minimum, essentially to cover motoring costs. I make no charge if the venue is reasonably local to me. For example , work out the one way distance from King's Lynn, Norfolk, to your venue and calculate 40p per mile. So, for example, if you are 50 miles from my home my expenses will be £20.

I am quite happy to undertake bookings anywhere in the country, but may have to make an additional travelling charge if the venue is more than 3 hours drive from my base. However, I can reduce my expenses on long trips if you can find another group in your area who would book me for an adjacent day.

To make a booking or to discuss your particular requirements, please contact me by email masterwatercolour at

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